Dec 25, 2008

Dream or the Dreamer, whos bigger?

Lucky are those
Who follow their dream
With hope more than a gleam
Those who have a chance and
every opportunity to
excel others expectations

Lucky are those
Who find a path
To toddle on
Who have a companion
A supporter a guide
To lighten the darkest tunnel

Lucky are those
Who have a special someone
Smiling long to cheer you up
Every time you’re down
Standing by you
In every decision

Lucky are those
Who know the right, the wrong
Above all dismissals
Still standing for their
Only dream
Till it blooms……

Dec 14, 2008

We want no more of 26/11

We want no more of 26/11-
to all those who fought bravely....caring more for the lives of others, then their loved ones....

So close was their relation
They stood as world's best creation,
Unknown of the coming fate
they lived for the present date,
All was well when he was there
Not that she knew TERROR was here;
They shared the Last Laughter
as he left for the Encounter,
She was unaware of what was to arrive
thought it was like every other crime,
Less that destiny had set the Tale
No chance was given to hale
Unguarded from the shots
She lost her father as he fought.....

Many have lost their loved ones….families left orphaned,
There are among them, those daughters of beloved fathers who are left with a stone heart still proud of what these men died for…, But the truth remains that they’re deprived of their strength.