Dec 25, 2008

Dream or the Dreamer, whos bigger?

Lucky are those
Who follow their dream
With hope more than a gleam
Those who have a chance and
every opportunity to
excel others expectations

Lucky are those
Who find a path
To toddle on
Who have a companion
A supporter a guide
To lighten the darkest tunnel

Lucky are those
Who have a special someone
Smiling long to cheer you up
Every time you’re down
Standing by you
In every decision

Lucky are those
Who know the right, the wrong
Above all dismissals
Still standing for their
Only dream
Till it blooms……


  1. I believe that each n every soul who knows how to count his blessings, and explore his potential is "Lucky".. Watsay?? It's nice to see such a lovely post by you :)

  2. Lucky are those who realize this and attempt to fulfill all they have dreamed. Really thoughtful, girl...